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Crush: Performance anxiety. fear of failure. negativity. overthinking. hesitation. mental blocks. burnout. comparisons. self doubt. stress. injuries.

Our Services

We have a variety of ways to help you perform stronger

1:1 Sessions

We offer virtual & in office appointments, so we can work with clients anywhere in the world.

Group Coaching

Fast-track results & get access to live training & implementation calls. Starts in June. 

Online Courses

On demand access to: Performance Anxiety Project, Negativity Neutralizer, Parenting Performers.

Public Speaking

Ashley Eckermann & team members speak to groups, companies, special events, camps, & school districts. 

Check out this video of what we do – a must watch if you’re unsure about “needing this” (click gear to speed up)

What is Mental Performance Coaching?

We teach athletes how to develop mental strength so that they can compete confidently & consistently.

Maximize the Mind coaches train clients to be mentally prepared so that when something doesn’t go as planned, they can respond not react!

We’ve revolutionized how to thrive in high pressure situations. We believe in teaching scientific strategies that are thoroughly researched & proven to get results.

This is not therapy & it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you when you seek mental skills training. It’s all about learning coping skills so you can handle tough situations.

We show you how to discover your competitive edge.

We teach tools & strategies to be resilient in 1:1 sessions, group coaching programs, on demand courses, challenges, camps, & workshops.

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Transform how you manage your emotions so that you achieve your goals!

We’ve worked with every ability level & sport you can imagine & thoroughly enjoy serving youth through professionals.

Developing strong mental skills is often the difference between an average athlete & an elite athlete. Athletes spend so much time training physically, but are rarely taught how to respond to difficult situations. 

You don’t have to be born with it. You can become the competitor you envy. Mental game is something you develop.

A lot of athletes become easily frustrated, second guess themselves, worry about judgment, have had a tough injury, fear messing up, or have a hard time just calming their nerves. They’re all talented, but they need to learn strategies to have fun again & get over mistakes quicker, so they don’t get burned out. We reach our performance potential, not by talent alone, but by training the mind to manage our emotions.

Have you worked so hard to perfect your talent & yet you still struggle to consistently compete at your best? You need these tools & coaching!

Mental Performance Coaching is teaching sport psychology concepts to athletes & performers. 

It’s more than positive self talk; it’s understanding how the brain holds onto memories, rewiring the brain’s thought patterns, & learning how to get your subconscious to work for you. It is possible to change how you think to change how you compete!

We Work With
Young Athletes High School Athletes Collegiate Athletes Olympians Professionals Performers Coaches Weekend Warriors Speakers

Common Problems We Help Solve

Results our clients are raving about

"Ashley has helped me find my voice and happiness in life again!" - R.R.

“My daughter has seen amazing benefits. Her mental toughness in gymnastics has improved significantly, and her impressive ability to focus mentally is something she has gained with Ashley’s assistance. Ashley provided my daughter with the ability to overcome mental blocks and to maintain a positive attitude through each event. Taking my daughter to Ashley was one of the best decisions we ever made for her gymnastics career!”

– Michelle 

“Ashley has given me effective tools to overcome anxiety, my fear of being judged, and really help eliminate my excessive worry. She is welcoming and easy to talk to. It became immediately evident that she deeply cares about her clients and because of her experience in doing this for many years, she manages to deliver results. I always leave every session motivated!” – B.T. 

Our Courses

Looking for a quick win? Start with our incredible on-demand courses

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Tired of feeling exhausted BEFORE you even compete?

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Sick of being hyper-critical & replaying what went wrong?

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Want to learn a few strategies to help your athlete?

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Want to get all three for a no-brainer bundled rate?

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If you want strategies to:
-detach from bad performances
-learn to not let one bad day define you
-ways to 'get out of your head'
We’ll give you practical techniques to focus on the present rather than overthinking past! #MaximizeTheMind

Transform your approach, transform your performance. Start training your mind as hard as you train your body, & watch how your *game* changes.
#AthleteMindset #SportsPsychology #TrainSmart

Imagine being able to harness your anxiety & turn it into focus. Imagine not just reacting to what happens during the game, but controlling your response. That’s the power of a strong mental game. Ready to blow up? Schedule with us!

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