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Is Mental Training Worth It?

What can mental preparation really do for me? Can I really train my mind to think differently? Can mental toughness actually be taught? Does sport psychology actually make you better?

These are questions I get daily. Yes, it’s worth it.

Yes, mental toughness can be learned.

Yes, you can train your mind to benefit you. Yes, you can improve your performance vastly with a few tweaks in your mental game. Yes, I was skeptical at first too.

Is this you?

You’re tired of being frustrated. You’re exhausted & stressed.

You dread some practices. You sometimes question why you’re even doing this anymore. You think back to when it was fun & wonder what happened.

You want to get noticed by scouts. You want to compete at the next level. You want to compete consistently. You want more playing time or to be on the A relay.

You know you have more in you; you just start overthinking things. You can’t seem to turn your mind off. You get excessively nervous. You tense up when the stakes are high.

You know what to do, but you can’t seem to do it under pressure. You’re afraid of messing up. You’re afraid of disappointing others. You get anxious. You struggle with negative thinking.

You are a good athlete; you just need help creating a fierce mental game.

If you answered yes to even one of those statements, then you could benefit from mental performance coaching.

If you’re an athlete, you have drive. You have the desire to win. You appreciate a challenge. You know the harder the situation or opponent, the more glorious the victory.

As an athlete myself, I know you want to compete at the highest level possible for you. You want to see if you have what it takes to accomplish something you didn’t think possible. You don’t want to back down when it gets tough; this is where you want to thrive. You seek confidence, authority, consistency, aggressiveness, & resiliency.

Good thing mental performance coaching teaches you how to obtain all of those skills.

How good would it feel to make decisions quicker, to enjoy training, to trust your training, to be proud of yourself for pushing your limits?

How good would it feel to live your life without hesitation or second guessing yourself all the time?

You can learn how to take risks.

I get it, I’ve been frustrated with many injuries, surgeries, fear of not being good enough, over-analyzing & being burned out. I wish I had the help of a sport psychology professional growing up. I have no idea how much stronger I could’ve been.

That fear of judgement lead into my adult life & kept me from going after athletic & career goals until I finally went to graduate school & studied sport psychology.

I use the skills & tools I learned in competition now. I see a massive difference in the pain I can tolerate & the ability to accomplish more & enjoy the ride. Imagine if these skills had been utilized when I was younger & competing for a scholarship. What could’ve been?

What if my physical capacity matched my mental capacity? With my mental training knowledge, I now take more career risks, speak at highly publicized events, & take on challenges I never thought possible.

Sport psychology & mental training don’t just translate for sports.

Training your mind to overcome obstacles is the best gift you can give yourself. Once you learn coping skills to handle adversity, you gain the strength to compartmentalize anything.

Don’t wait. You only get this one life; use it wisely. Don’t get passed by competition.

Learn how to manage your emotions. Use your imagination to benefit your performance, not sabotage it.

Imagine the feeling of control & confidence when competing, or even presenting or communicating with others. Give that opportunity to your kiddo!

I invite you to be more courageous & let go of mistakes faster.

Everyone has the ability to squash limiting beliefs.

Schedule an appointment to get one step closer to being mentally stronger each week, as we create a customized plan that works for you.

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