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Self Help In Seven Minutes

The Self Help book aisle can be motivating or depressing; it’s how you look at it right? Well if you’re reading this, you want some help. You need some advice, some guidance, something quick & easy for you to implement it. You probably want something short, not drawn out, oh and something that actually works. We all have goals and ambitions that we want to accomplish, some of us just have more willpower than others. But most need a little shove to get going and be pointed in the right direction. By the way, you’re not alone. Most people know what they need to do, but struggle with creating a plan. They day dream about what they want or may tell others where they’d like to be, but never actually put it into motion.

Goals can seem impossible and out of reach if you don’t break them down into parts. This is one of the first things you can do to start helping yourself. You might be frustrated with your situation, stuck in a “rut”, or questioning why others have something you don’t. How do you get there? Seems cheesy, but you get out what you put in. So does simple goal setting work? Well, it’s up to you and if you work through this template and hold yourself accountable for your actions, then you can help yourself. So you want to improve? Improve what? How? You absolutely must be specific. I want a better job isn’t getting you anywhere. I want to lose weight isn’t happening.

Break down those goals into action steps. You need to create “to do” lists or post these ideas you have. You can read about them all day and think that’s nice, or you can do something about it. Baby steps- don’t overwhelm yourself. I didn’t say quit your job and hunt away or throw away all carbs. Just action steps, key word: STEPS. How about, I will ride my bike 3 times a week at least 8 miles for the next 6 weeks, and if it’s raining I will go to a spinning class or use a bike trainer indoors. Break everything into tasks. If a task takes more than 2 hours you won’t do it, and if it’s an all or nothing workout goal, beginners won’t do it if it takes more than 45 minutes. You know the “I don’t have time” excuse. It’s a good one, I get it, but get over it, and help yourself. Do you want change or not?

You need effective time blocks to schedule events. So if you want a better job, you schedule time to do job searches. You network with people you may have met in the past, but you have to schedule this. You can’t just assume that because you put it on your “to do” lists you’ll make time for it. Put it on your calendar, not a post it. Love those colored post lists; love crossing items off? Except, you always throw them away or they sit under the next pile of “to do” stuff. Placing a goal on a calendar makes it relevant and time bound. You wouldn’t put something in ink if it wasn’t attainable and specific to remember (cause other people might see it), so keep all of these goal requirements in mind. Make an outline for yourself and break each step down to accomplish what you’re craving. This way your activities – phone calls, researching, or working out become real. People tend to get hung up on large scary goals that they can continue to push off until the next month.

The last simple tip in self help is getting constant feedback. Top associates and peak athletes all need constant feedback. This is what separates us from the pack. Are you actually getting what you want out of your task? You need evaluation, and this can keep you on track. Telling someone else about what you’re working on holds you accountable, saying what you want out loud in the mirror reminds you not to drop the ball, and making adjustments along the way so you don’t get bored or lose sight of the larger goal is crucial. So there you have it, it probably only took you 7 minutes to read this and now you can make big changes by starting with these easy tips.

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