*FREE* Mental Strength training in June

What Can You Gain from Mental Performance Coaching?

Imagine if you stopped experiencing the overwhelming feelings that derail your performance.
Learning mental skills will TRANSFORM how you compete!

1:1 Sessions

Schedule 1:1 sessions immediately by using the book an appointment button. We offer virtual & in office appointments, so we can work with clients anywhere in the world. Click ‘learn more’ for rates & how our process works. We can’t wait to teach you powerful coping skills.

Mental Game Accelerator

Mental Game Accelerator is our group coaching program to fast-track results & get access to live training & implementation calls. This is run virtually & offered a few times a year. Registration opens this summer.

Trust Your Training Club

Trust Your Training Club is our groundbreaking hybrid voice coaching experience allowing clients to access real time results & support.

We are opening this summer of 2024.



On demand courses that teach fundamental lessons every athlete needs to know to stop second guessing their ability.

These are bite size video lessons with comprehensive implementation sheets & notes that teach top tools guaranteed to boost confidence. Options: Negativity Neutralizer, Performance Anxiety Project, Parenting Performers, or bundle of all 3 courses with Tenacity Tactics.


Ashley & her team put on workshops, presentations, & seminars for companies or teams looking to strengthen their staff, create a winning culture, & communicate stronger…because mental skills aren’t just for athletes!

we put on challenges, workshops, & camps throughout the year

No Positive Thinking Challenge

We’re debunking myths about sports psychology & exposing athletes, parents, coaches & teachers to tools that teach resiliency, confidence, & maintaining composure. Get access to these free trainings to develop a strong mindset without relying on positive thinking. No time to be fake, we’re teaching science. IT’S FREE!

Next one: starts June 10 2024

Mental Game

We help you quickly learn how to manage emotions, so you enjoy your sport more, take more risks, improve focus, make decisions quicker, & recover from mistakes faster! We have put on both virtual & in person mental training camps. Price varies on type of camp.

Next camp: July 2024

Mental Skills

We offer monthly workshops called Mental Skills Series. These are live trainings, but you can purchase replay if training has passed. Topics in 2024: goals, time management, comparisons & focusing, worry, test anxiety, fear of failure & perfection, confidence, second guessing, motivation & leadership, mental blocks, & stress. Workshop link updated soon.

Next one: May 9th 2024

My daughter’s coach yesterday said you were a miracle worker!

-Jenny A • Gymnastics

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