Mental Game Camp June 11-13

1:1 Sessions

In Office or Virtual Sessions

Maximize the Mind team: Ashley Eckermann, Christa Doyle and Aja Stills

You choose a coach you want to work with & schedule an appointment through our online scheduler.

The first session is around 70-90 minutes & existing client sessions are 50 minutes.

Ashley’s rate for the initial session is $225 & existing client sessions (all follow-ups) are $195.00 per session.

Christa’s rate for the initial session is $195 & existing client sessions (all follow-ups) are $175.

Aja’s rate for the initial session is $180 & existing client sessions (all follow-ups) are $165.

You enter a CC number to make the appointment, this provides no-show protection & protects us from bots. That card does not get charged unless you fail to meet cancellation requirements. Payment is due upon the completion of each session.

We ask that you understand mental skills training is not a quick fix, but a process to train your brain to think differently to improve performance & handle high pressure situations better. Creating proper mental game takes multiple sessions to grasp concepts & learn strategies that build upon one another, so you should expect more than 1-2 appointments to be guided through change.

We create a detailed individualized plan after our initial session based on what you want to solve. We want you to have the opportunity to learn enough material to see an impact!

We think a common misconception is that sport psychology is just for elite athletes, but the truth is, developing coping skills & having the right mindset helps athletes in school, their careers, & how they interact with others. We spend so much time training the physical aspect, then when it comes time to compete, we haven’t practiced how to avoid hesitating, or calming our nerves, or how to work through difficult situations. When athletes are so worried about things going wrong or playing the “what if this happens” game, they can’t unleash their physical potential.

Maximize the Mind office lobby
We wholeheartedly believe in teaching actual tools to build mental strength without relying on just a positive thinking mentality. We pride ourselves in teaching strategies athletes actually want to implement & absolutely love watching athlete’s experience the ‘ah-ha’ moments after they’ve learned how to manage their emotions. The wins they have continued to share over the years is why we do what we do!

My son did not hesitate for a second, he went head on to the ball and literally crashed through the two strikers sending them to the ground. He was aggressive, he was physical, he was focused, he played with vision for the first time in a long time.

-Steve B • Soccer

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