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Tired of feeling exhausted BEFORE you even compete?

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Sick of being hyper-critical & replaying what went wrong?

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Want to learn a few strategies to help your athlete?

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Want to get all three for a no-brainer bundled rate?

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Performance Anxiety Project

Tired of feeling exhausted BEFORE you even compete?
On Demand Course $149

If you or your athlete experiences paralyzing perfectionism, debilitating pressure, a queasy stomach, excessive worry, overthinks what could go wrong, or overly compares to others… Performance Anxiety Project is the answer you’ve been craving. If you’re seeking a self doubt solution, this micro course will teach you to destroy tension. 

Grab our concrete plan for developing a performance routine that settles the stress of performing. Enjoy your sport again & reclaim confidence! Finally conquer mental meltdowns with the TOP 12 anxiety busting tools we teach our 1:1 clients. Years of teaching, coaching, researching & competing condensed into bite size lessons. We’re giving you the short cut to feeling more in control & calmer in competition. No more waiting to learn it, gain immediate access to consume at your pace & convenience.

Click ‘Buy Today’ button for FAQ, 14-Day Money Back Guarantee, & to read more about this program. 

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This course teaches frustrated athletes how to manage emotions
  • Online student portal with lifetime access

  • Video lessons with easy to digest clips – each lesson under 10 minutes

  • Course is mobile & tablet friendly

  • Workbook contains practical tools athletes actually want to implement

  • Top 12 PROVEN tools – how to use, when to use, & science behind it

  • Revisit lessons often to retain knowledge

  • Detailed notes included to reference 
DECODE Performance Anxiety in as little as 2 hours! Forget wasting energy on worry, save your energy for your performance!
  • Let go of mistakes quicker

  • Kick hesitation to the curb

  • No more emotionally exhaustive competing

  • Clear your racing thoughts & compartmentalize

  • Unlock how to relax your body

Channel your nerves to work for you! Please Note: Defusing your anxiety may cause boat loads of confidence & massive amounts of leveling up your mental toughness!
Ashley Eckermann presenting

Negativity Neutralizer

Sick of being hyper-critical & replaying what went wrong over & over?
On Demand Course $149

Think of Negativity Neutralizer as your playbook for endless overanalyzing, destructive inner dialogue, constant complaining, disruptive mood swings & annoying second guessing. If you or your athlete suffer from not being able to accept compliments, worry about judgement from others, struggle receiving feedback, tend to expect the worst, fear taking risks, or make excuses… Negativity Neutralizer course can revolutionize how YOU COMPETE!

This course doesn’t teach positivity, we teach how to be neutral & actually re-wire your brain using Neuroscience. If you’re worn out from your past dictating your future, have a tough time accepting mistakes, let your attitude damage your ability, or struggle focusing on your strengths, it’s time to learn how to get what you want! PSA: Mental Toughness can be learned (no it’s not just positive self-talk).

Stop letting limiting beliefs decide your future!

Click ‘Buy Today!’ button for FAQ, 14 Day Money Back Guarantee, & to read more about this program. Negativity Neutralizer works for all levels & sports!

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It’s time to comeback from mistakes FASTER!
  • Squash limiting beliefs

  • Stop anticipating what will go wrong

  • Transform how you face challenges

  • Wipe out skepticism

  • Alter what you think you’re capable of

  • Be more open to trying new things

It’s time to stop being so hard on yourself & MASTER how to respond not react!
  • Online student portal with lifetime access

  • Work at your own pace

  • Video lessons with easy to digest clips – each lesson under 10 minutes

  • Clear & concrete strategies taught

  • Workbook with simple to implement tools

  • Detailed notes included to reference

  • Revisit lessons often; materials are yours for life

Learn how to TRUST YOUR TALENT again…
Maximize the Mind owner: Ashley Eckermann

Parenting Performers Program

Curious what Ashley is like? Want to learn a few strategies to help your athlete before you invest in another program?

On Demand Course $47

If you’re a COACH OR A PARENT – ask yourself this:

Are you jeopardizing your athlete’s success by your “helpful” comments?

Stop reacting & start being intentional with how you give feedback & motivate your athlete.

This mini course is a private podcast feed for parents or coaches to learn how to communicate with their athlete more effectively. Private feed just means you have to purchase to have access to it, but the recordings & transcripts are yours for life. There’s no parenting manual, you’re just supposed to figure it out & hope you don’t screw up your kids along the way.

If you’re a parent or a coach who has struggled with athletes that: pick fights, can’t recover from a mistake, don’t like facing discomfort, can’t receive criticism, freeze when making decisions, struggles with mental blocks, or maybe is just underachieving based on their beliefs, like: “I’m not smart enough, I’m not athletic enough, I’m not fast enough, I’m not strong enough, I’m not flexible enough,” YOU NEED THESE TIPS!

After years of presenting parent workshops, I’ve finally created an easy to consume, on-the-go resource for those with a schedule “where there’s never enough time.” After you check out, you get an email that sends you a private link, then you can listen instantly on your favorite podcast app – 10 episodes with 5-8 tangible tips in each episode. I promise it’s not just theory! No screen time, listen in the car!

Once you utilize behavior psychology to your advantage, you become a source of support not a source of pressure for your athlete.

RESHAPE how you parent or how you coach with this program & GAIN TANGIBLE TIPS!


  • What to say after a tough practice
  • How to have conversations without constant arguments
  • How to get your kids to actually listen to you
  • How to help them reset or calm down
  • How to redirect them when all they say is “I suck”
  • How to teach them to have fun
  • How to give feedback so they actually want to implement it
  • What you should & shouldn’t share with your athlete
  • How to know when it’s time to retire or push them
  • When to give reminders on what they “need” to be doing
  • How to teach forgiveness
Parenting Performers logo
image of podcast called Parenting Performers
Have a better relationship with your kids & avoid them getting burned out!

You never meant to put pressure on your athlete, but they sure feel it. All you ever wanted was for them to have fun. You’re giving corrections based on what you know they “need” but if you learn how to deliver it differently, their brain can actually process it better & then apply it.

See how they are resistant to your feedback? What if you learned a way to “allow them to hear you” & be more open to what you have to offer? Parenting Performers teaches you how to have tough conversations so your athlete is more receptive to the information. Did you know ONLY 7 % of high school athletes go on to compete in college & less than 2% do so at a division 1 level? We like to “motivate” our kids by talking about college opportunities, how good they are, how lucky they are, how proud we are of them, & what we think they can accomplish… We expect the next level of our kids without realizing it, then we place pressure unintentionally. 

Perception is more important than reality, & at the end of the day, how a kid performs is all about how they interpret a situation or your messaging. Do they like how you cheer them on? Have they ever hinted that they don’t like you to watch practice or come to games/meets/etc? In this audio only podcast course, I’ll share how to better prepare your kids to compete & how to communicate stronger.

Maximize the Mind team: Ashley Eckermann

Tenacity Tactics Toolkit


This last option is a bundle of all 3. All the courses were designed for the most common concerns our clients have. Each course is unique & there is different material in each one, but they complement each other exceptionally well. This bundle contains what I feel every athlete that comes to see me NEEDS to know! Some people might only have one concern, if that’s the case, get what’s best for you. Based on years of experience, I know most have a combo of crap setting up camp in their head & this is how to tackle it!

Athletes come to my office daily expressing the need to overcome negative thinking & troublesome nerves! And, parents ask multitple times a day, “what should I say when (blank) happens” so Tenacity Tactics Toolkit was born to get you instant access to the answers. Get those systems & strategies in place for the best season yet.

Spoiler alert: it takes less time than you think to jumpstart your mental game.

If you’re tired of practice not transferring to competition, falling short on your goals, or freezing in fear, there’s nothing wrong with you, you just need the right coping skills. It’s time to major in: composure, consistency, comebacks, clarity, confidence, & communication! With this bundle, you can binge & be ready to apply the next time you compete. This solution is even better than 1:1 coaching where you’re just hoping you remember what we talked about. You now have a resource to review as often as you’d like!

  • Easy-to-understand tutorials, video & slide lessons, detailed notes, how to apply, & workbooks full of exercises & examples. It all lives in a student portal that you can access anytime so you can learn what we teach in 1:1 sessions faster & more efficiently!

  • Click the “Buy Today!” button to read about our 14 day money back guarantee, FAQ, & what’s included.

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Have you done everything to PERFORM TO YOUR POTENTIAL?

To the ATHLETE – Could you be better if you knew how to react differently when things went wrong? What if you could compete more relaxed? You should look forward to competing. It should be fun. The average competitor quits when it gets tough, but after you learn mental performance tools, you’ll be in control & have authority to improve your performance.

To the PARENT – What if I fast tracked your way to being a better parent? What if you were given access to parenting psychology without going through a ton of books? Make your kid’s athletic career full of incredible memories they cherish. You have ONE SHOT at being the best parent you can be. 

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