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Onsite or Virtual Sessions

Ashley Eckermann presenting on stage

Hey there, Ashley here – I have designed & delivered workshops/presentations for Corporations, Small Businesses, Universities, School Districts, Individual High Schools, & Club Teams as a Sport and Performance Psychology Consultant.

I was a high school teacher & head coach for 14 years before going into private practice. I absolutely understand the value & importance of rallying the troops with energy & investing in your team!

I don’t believe in cookie cutter anything or promoting “positive thinking.” I’m all about connecting with audiences through science & simplicity so they *actually* want to apply the concepts & can take away tangible strategies!

Below are common talks I do for groups. I always personalize each talk with examples that are specific to your organization after you complete the “Speaking Event Personalization Questionnaire.” 

Speaking Topics:

  • Squashing Stress – How to avoid burnout, reset during long hours, & not let stress consume you. Gain several stress busting tools to respond not react to difficult situations.
  • Self Doubt Solution – Discover how your brain has been holding you back & just how to crush limiting beliefs. We’ll cover the top 3 brain hacks to achieve more than ever thought possible.
  • Negativity Neutralizer – Gain communication strategies & tweaks to not get hung up on what went wrong, find ways to be neutral (not positive), & rewire your brain to help you perform better vs standing in your way.
  • Goal Getter – Achieve your goals by tracking what’s meant to be evaluated & trashing what’s not. Forget old school goal planning & discover modern methods to gain momentum so you don’t give up when it gets tough.
  • Sports Injury Recovery – Address the mental impact of injuries & mental blocks that haunt athletes when they return. Learn how to come back without hesitation & fear getting in the way.
  • Creating Confidence – Discover how to use neuroscience to your advantage, develop better habits, & find out how to find your strengths so that you have more authority, can stand up for yourself, & reach your goals. Learn specific strategies, not just theory, to be bolder & take more risks.
  • Culture Cure – Develop winning communication & build a championship culture – how to get others to ‘hear” you & take action. Creating team integrity & personal responsibility so everyone can appreciate their role & contribute. Operate as a team more effectively, avoid cliques, & get team building exercises.
  • Purge Perfectionism – Let go of comparisons, worrying what others think, fear of disappointment, & focusing on past mistakes so that you can *actually* learn from messing up so that you thrive in competition.
  • Mental Toughness Toolkit: For Coaches or Parents – Discover mental performance strategies to help your athletes perform at a higher level. Walk away with specific tools & powerful communication resources so that you’re a source of support not a source of pressure.
  • Mental Edge Energy – Discover how to tap into what you’re really capable of so that you live purposefully, powerfully & enjoy what you do. Master your mindset to believe in your abilities & find energy within to operate optimally rather than just running through the motions.
  • Clockwork Confidence – Master time management like a pro with your roadmap to peak productivity. Get ready to crush procrastination & boost focus. It’s time to level up your excuse of, “there’s never enough time” & discover proven techniques that will leave you empowered.
Ashley Eckermann speaking at a school
“She has a remarkable ability to relate to the issues at hand and offer solutions that are applicable and practical. Not only does she have invaluable insight into training techniques, but also offered advice for everyday life application.”
- Sam P.
Ashley Eckermann speaking on stage
"I’ve listened to many keynote presentations and typically you tune out about halfway through, when Ashley was done, I still wanted to learn more and actually took notes – now that’s a first." Todd Y.

How to inquire:

  1. Fill out the form to inquire about a speaking event. You’re not committed to anything, but I get a ton of inquiries to speak, so this is how we get started.
  2. Then you will receive proposal based on your responses. If the proposal is out of your budget, it might be possible to make adjustments to length, time of day, virtual, etc. If Ashley is booked or out of budget, you may be able to book another team member.
  3. After we commit to the proposal, then we send over the ‘Speaker Agreement,’ which goes over terms & conditions, details of event, how to pay, room setup, etc.
  4.  Then we send over ‘Speaking Event Personalization Questions.’ This is a form to collect information about your organization so I can deliver a presentation that’s specific to your group & what you need.
  5. There is a 25% deposit required to secure your date. All information will be emailed to the event organizer to take care of online. The final payment is due on the day of the event.
“What I loved most about her presentation was the way it made me evaluate the choices I was making as a parent. She makes you think, then inspires you to change.”
- Mindy W.
"Our coaches actually thanked me for bringing her in for continuing education training. Ashley taught me things I didn’t know I needed to know”
- Natalie B.
Ashley Eckermann presenting on stage

Ashley’s virtual fee starts at: $750 

Ashley’s in-person starts at: $1250 

There are several items we consider when creating a proposal: length of event, type of talk, time away from office, travel, time of year, size of event, & personalization requested.

We can do 30 min talks, 45 min, 60 min, 90+ min workshops with interaction, feedback, & team building.

We’ve had organizations cover costs through: booster clubs, team funds, each athlete contributes, acquire sponsors for the event, or the gym/company/school covers the training.

If you want to go over your event on the phone, we can schedule 2 calls to go over your event. One after the proposal is sent, so you have time to review it & we can make sure we are a good fit, then you can tell me about your group & ask me anything you want. Then there will be one call closer to the event to go over details. We can also do everything in email too if that’s easier.

Team members virtual fee starts at: $350

In-person fee starts at: $750

Please fill out the form

"I have been teaching for 35 years, and your presentation was the best presentation I have ever heard. It made so much sense, and I could relate to it in so many ways."
- Marisa O.

Speaker Bio

Ashley Eckermann is a Sports Psychology Practitioner and founder of Maximize the Mind Mental Performance Coaching in Cypress Texas. She teaches athletes and performers of all ability levels how to thrive under pressure. She has developed tools to help overthinkers gain confidence, let go of mistakes quicker, and conquer overwhelm. Ashley has a BA in Psychology from Texas Tech University and an MS in Sport Psychology from Florida State University. During her career, she has coached All-Americans, State Champions, Olympians, Professionals, and received Coach of the Year awards. As a multiple-time Ironman finisher, she truly appreciates the role mental toughness plays and continuously strives to inspire audiences because mental skills training isn’t just for athletes!

"Ashley teaches you about the brain and how to change your habits, but makes you laugh at the same time. Thank you!"
- Lisa A.
"We were thrilled with the presentation Ashley gave our company. She shared such valuable tips on managing stress and having stronger time management. My team told me they weren't bored, ha."
- Melanie H.
Maximize the Mind owner: Ashley Eckermann
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