Mental Game Camp June 11-13

Client Transformations

Ashley Eckermann not only provided the tools to help my daughter overcome her mental block but gave the lessons that she can use to conquer any future obstacles in cheer and or life. Ashley is the missing link that helps them train mentally which in the end brings the best-prepared athlete to the mat.

-Marian M • Cheer

Ashley’s impact has been profound on the mental health and performance of the kids. Ashley provides strategies to manage mental performance that leads to improved outcomes – personally, socially, and sports. The kids easily open up with Ashley and schedule their own follow up appointments (they don’t want to miss a session) – that should tell you everything.

-Derek L • Golf & Swim

Before I went to Ms. Ashley’s I was timid, I lacked confidence, and I second-guessed myself. She has helped me see that I was good and helped me be confident in myself. Going into State Finals I was confident, ready, and positive about how things would turn out. I was starting to doubt myself before I roped, then I remembered the tools she taught me and was completely confident before I rode in the box. I ended up finishing third in state. 

-Samantha P • rodeo

People have been calling me about how good your talk to our team was – you need to find a way to clone yourself!

-Annette Z  • Event Coordinator

Maximize the Mind has helped me relax and compete to my fullest. I’ve learned techniques that help me perform at a higher level than I ever have before.

-Kevin W • Swimmer

Ashley has done so much for my son. First off she is welcoming, funny, energetic, relatable, and puts you at instant ease! His goal: to play as aggressively during a game as he does during a practice! I have seen such a huge turnaround in his performance! I think every kid/athlete needs you!

-Autumn C  • Basketball

Last tournament I wasn’t stressed at all. Before, one mistake would stress me out. I would like to thank you for helping me with all the aspects of my game. I really appreciate you giving me 100% in every meeting that we had and helping me further my experience in not just the game of golf but life.

-Ross W Golf

Ashley Eckermann hugging swim client

Hope! That is what Ashley has given my son. A victim of his own success. The better he got at his sport, the more bullying he received from kids he surpassed. Ashley gave my son the tools he needed to battle bullies, boost his confidence, and dominate his sport. Now his mind is as strong as his body. Fast forward an individual gold & silver at 6A state championships, Olympic trials cuts, an NCAA championship qualifier and years later.... my son’s mental toughness is only getting stronger thanks to you Ashley. I truly believe strengthening the mind is just as important as strengthening the body. And that is because of Ashley. I have watched her work and actually seen the results. It warms my heart to see so many of the people I know turning to her for help.

Ruby D. • Swimmer

Christa is an excellent resource for healing mental, emotional and spiritual blocks! I am so grateful to have found Maximize the Mind in my healing journey from recovering from college athletics to navigating life changes and new relationships. 

-Sadie P • Softball

Yesterday my son told how excited he was to implement what he learned at practice. I think he is fully engaged and his confidence is improving so much.

-Jose S • Soccer

My son struggled with anxiety on and off the field. Christa has worked with him and has given him the tools to over come his anxiety. He liked that she could relate to him about certain situations and made him feel comfortable sharing his own experiences. We are so glad that we found Christa.

-Jackie C • Baseball

This past meet, my son met or beat his best times. The head coach commented that she could really tell that he was focused. I noticed he looked more chill after doing his techniques. Thank you for everything!

-A.H. • Swimming

Christa has been more than helpful! Our daughter always feels better and happier after a session. The positive influence has been very helpful in sports and in our daily lives. I can also see the difference with her organization. She actually now uses her daily planner helping her stay more focused and eager to do her homework too!

-Scott H • Volleyball

Maximize the Mind team: Christa Doyle

My son has been having a good outlook when facing adversity during games and practices. At last week’s game, I noticed he was using one of the strategies you helped him identify: bouncing back after a mistake. I was thankful to see that put into play! Overall, I’m excited for him and the steps forward that he has taken.

– K.B. • Football

Ashley is great at what she does! Her enthusiasm and positivity are contagious. Working with Ashley has helped my daughter be more confident in her sport and as a result, she is now performing at a higher level. Ashley works on building the athlete’s (and parents’) toolbox of mental skills based on the athlete’s current needs, from preparing for a competition or identifying and overcoming negative thoughts. What she teaches can be applied at difficult moments during practice, at a competition, or in life in general. One of the best decisions was to begin working with Ashley.

-Amanda S • Gymnastics

Maximize the Mind team: Aja Stills

Coach Aja is doing a fantastic job with my son….His coach told me that his game physically/technically/attitude has been consistently improving. We were impressed on his focus/vision and (sportsmanship-positive) aggressiveness on the field.

-Oscar M. • Soccer

Maximize the Mind has proven to work and I have seen such a change in my daughter in a short amount of time. My daughter not only is learning skills to help her excel in her sport, but in life. Aja is knowledgeable, patient, kind, but most importantly seems to understand my daughters struggles and fears. Maximize the Mind is such a positive environment from the minute you walk in the door. If I could I would give the place 10 stars!

-Lindsey T • Gymnastics

My daughter was having a tough time with confidence on the field and struggling with not being able to see past her mistakes. I reached out to Aja at Maximize the Mind hoping to give her an outlet to help her with her frustrations and a connection with someone who had the tools to help her regain her confidence. Aja has been absolutely amazing from the get go! Her confidence on the field is back and other parents have commented to us about how noticeable it is. She has checked off several goals in the past couple of months and I truly feel like her work with Aja has benefited her so much!

-Jessica W. • Soccer

The mental transformation that has taken place is tremendous. My daughter started out extremely negative without an ounce of belief in herself to saying just the other day that she was “proud of herself” in how she had performed. Ashley is unbelievably caring and intuitive. She truly understands competitive sports and the mental challenges that come with competing. She has a remarkable ability to relate to the issues at hand and offer solutions that are applicable and practical. I cannot say enough for all she has taught my daughter and the relationship that they have formed. Ashley has a remarkable heart and talent for what she does.

-Mindy K • Swimmer

The skills our daughter is learning are not just for confidence in her sport, but what she needs to survive the junior high years as well as anything she does in life. I feel like we spend so much time developing our kid’s academic and athletic skills, but not nearly enough time is spent developing the mental skills. The time our daughter has spent with Ashley is a great investment in her future. Thank you Ashley.

-Marcie L • Volleyball

Thanks so much for the Stress Workshop. A few things that stuck out to me: the fact that procrastination IS stress (wow, that was huge for me!); and the technique of Time Chunking. Such a simple and practical solution to stress. Thanks again! I’m excited to have a few more tools to use with the athletes I coach.

-J.J. • Coach

I have seen so much improvement! I was so proud of her getting her tools ready because anxiety was coming on but she knew how to get ahead of it. It’s a joy for us to see her enjoy her sport more and not beat herself up. 

–Sasha STennis

Ashley’s insights and support have been an invaluable part of my preparation for an international competition.

-Ray W • Rifle Shooter

I just wanted to let you know that my son was a complete beast at his area playoff game this Saturday. He showed amazing athleticism and sportsmanship.

-Stacy J • Football

I began seeing Ashley after I started feeling burnt out when I danced. Within the first appointment, I already felt more confident and passionate about dancing again. Every time I went I was so excited for the next appointment and I left with an optimistic attitude.

-Ainsley W • Dancer

Ashley has really helped me mentally with my tennis game. I struggled over the summer with loving the sport. Ashley has  given me many techniques that I use when I feel nervous on the court. Thanks!

-Abby C • Tennis

I’m not being dramatic when I say I couldn’t put a price on this. I hesitated to buy the workshop because I couldn’t attend live and I love to purchase things and say I’ll do it later and don’t, but I’m so glad I did. There were pieces of advice in this workshop that are really relevant and applicable. Oh and I’m not even an athlete. Thank you.

-Courtney B •  Teacher

Ashley Eckermann with cheerleader clients

Both of our club swimmers love how Maximize the Mind has transformed how they compete! They improved after the very first visit and haven’t stopped since! They’ve learned so much from nutrition to mental preparation. Their sessions were the catalyst for continued drops in time and gains in confidence!

-Rayna W • Swimmer

Thank you for helping me become a better athlete!

-Carson C • Baseball

My son absolutely loved his session with you yesterday. Something about a magic trick you showed him. He was so impressed with that lesson on the mind. You are absolutely amazing!! You are giving back to these athletes what God has so greatly blessed you with!

-Priscilla B • baseball

Wow Ashley, Super proud of how she was able to overcome her blocks because of what you taught her!

-Desi T • Gymnastics

Ashley has been a huge help for my child! She has helped her organize her thoughts and be prepared for any situation with confidence! I wish we had found her sooner!

-Amy L • Cutting Horses

Ashley always seems to know the right words to say. She has helped my athlete work through a team change, injuries, mental blocks. She is amazing!!!

-Jodi M • basketball

These strategies gave me freedom on the course, I felt like I could do what I want again and it all paid off.

-Tanner M • Golf

I have a totally different child! I strongly believe that your work with my daughter was a major key to this complete change she had and learning skills to cope with frustrations and disappointments.

Mindy P • Cheer

Ashley has done so much for my son. First off, she is welcoming, funny, energetic, relatable and puts you at instant ease! My son was able to easily talk to her. She was able to build his confidence, talk through the peer pressure and anxieties. 

-Ally C • baseball

I am a tumbling coach and working on the psychological side of tumbling is my main priority for all my athletes. Ashley continues to guide me to maximize my coaching ability. She is amazing, understanding, patient, and I highly recommend her to my clients or anyone else in need of mental training to get past their fears.

-Jose H • Tumbling

USA olympic gymnast client

Thanks to Ashley our son is meeting his sports goals again! After hitting a plateau we found Ashley and took a chance to see if she could help him improve his mental game and boy did she.

-Rayna W • Swimmer

We love Ashley! She has the experience, knowledge, passion, and expertise. She is results-focused. Ashley gave us sound advice with actionable steps which we implemented immediately to help alleviate some of the stressors my daughter was dealing with.

-Laura W • Swimmer

Ashley has been an integral part in helping shape my kid’s success. The physical talent can go nowhere without the combination of the mental toughness that she so incredibly provides.

-Gina R • Tennis

Amazing Vibrant Personality, you are always in a great mood after talking to Ashley.

-Ady B • Cheer

So freeing to run now. I feel so much relief. Once I cut ‘need’ from my vocabulary, it all changed, I’m meeting all my goal times.

-Sarah M • Runner

Working with you – this is the first time she hasn’t complained or completely dragged her feet about appointments. She has been sharing some of the things you have taught her with her friends and she seems genuinely excited about the things she has been learning. 

-Melanie W • Runner

Ashley is amazing! She has helped my swimmers cope with the mental side of training and racing, as well as how to interact with coaches and other teammates in tough situations.

-Amy C • Swimmer

Ashley has coached me through countless struggles like being a perfectionist, playing in the moment, and seeing bad situations in a new light. I finally began to appreciate my talent and ability to play volleyball.

– Ashlynn R • Volleyball

Ashley is amazing with the entire process for being the best you can be!

-Lisa D • Gymnastics 

I never hesitate to recommend Ashley, at Maximize the Mind, to anyone who wants to improve performance in practice or competition. The skills she teaches not only apply to your sport, but can also be used in your daily life.

-Alison S • Swimmer

My teenager said today was “mind-blowing”

 -Denise B • Softball

Ashley Eckermann with client

Ashley’s support and the techniques she has taught my daughter have been crucial to her success and her entire well being.

-Holly S • Gymnastics

My daughter is a competitive gymnast at a high level and has never struggled with her sport before. She was super skeptical and didn’t want to go to the first meeting. After the first meeting she said, “That wasn’t anything like I thought it was…I want to keep coming!” Let me just say how INCREDIBLE Ashley is!! *WOW* She has helped my daughter overcome some very deep-seated mental blocks and fears – it has been pretty life-changing for her so far! She is using the tools Ashley has given her and is making STRIDES. Highly recommend for any athlete!

-Erin S • Gymnastics

Ashley managed to get our daughter to open up. It became immediately evident that she deeply cares about her clients and because of her experience in doing this for many years, she manages to, from day 1, deliver results.

-Silvia S • Basketball

Ashley and Maximize the Mind have been one of the greatest blessings to my daughter! When my daughter came out of her very first meeting with Ashley, she felt so much relief and could not stop thanking me for bringing her! The personal attention that Ashley brought to my daughter and her specific situations has been phenomenal! Listening to her, validating her feelings, and then providing strategies to handle the tough physical and emotional situations were always at the forefront of what Ashley does. And Ashley does not just give you the what, but the scientific why behind everything. We love Ashley, and her supportive, straight-talking, enthusiastic approach is unmatched!

-Dara H • Swimmer

Ashley is an awesome coach for our daughter. They have worked on many mental tactics and strategies. She has a way of conveying ideas and methods there is accessible to clients.

-Jason M • Cross Country

Ashley is in the business of changing lives and she’s dominating it! She gives strategies that aren’t only applicable to sports, but for life. She’s fun and full of positive energy that is contagious! I appreciate her working with my daughter and literally changing her life!

-Britany M • Softball

Thank you for everything you did to help my daughter. She had an amazing season. I saw a huge growth in her confidence, mindset and running strategy and I know that is from your talks with her. You really helped her achieve the “next level”.

-Jena F • Cross Country

Ashley has been a complete blessing to my athlete. When we started with Ashley I wasn’t sure whether or not my daughter wanted to continue with gymnastics. Over time, the two of them have worked together to combat mental blocks, gain confidence, use effective communication and find her passion for the sport once again. Ashley has taught my daughter tools to use that will not only help her within the sport of gymnastics but she has also helped her through many typical teenage things.

-Becky H • Gymnastics

Thank you!!! We have seen such progress in the last few weeks. He is handling himself in certain situations completely different. All I need to do as his coach in baseball is to tell him to use his “tools” and it’s an immediate difference. We are so thankful for you and your program. This is much better than my “just relax” comment—we can truly see a shift. You da best!

-Beth  G. • Baseball + Basketball

Ashley Eckerman and staff are top notch professionals. Her caring staff is amazing with athletes of all levels, no matter what area you are looking for help with. She is genuinely invested in her clients.

-Spring Creek Athletics

Ashley is an absolute game-changer! She worked with me through many challenges I faced as an athlete and taught me many skills that have stayed with me even as I’ve transitioned into retirement. Working with her gave me the strength to come back from injuries, deal with brutal coaching styles, and handle college sports.

-Bryce W • Softball

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