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The Skill of Public Speaking Can Be Learned & You Can Bench Your Fears

Hey there, it’s Ashley & I’m giving 3 keynote presentations this month to school districts, 1 workshop to a group of coaches & 1 talk to a group of managers.

I like to personalize each event to that group, so as I’m preparing what I’ll speak about, I came across a quote from Warren Buffet that struck different today.

Just your regular ole billionaire who used to be terrified of public speaking, seriously this is really common.

He was asked this question in an interview:

What habits did you cultivate in your 20’s & 30’s that you see as the foundation of your success?”

Buffet said: “You’ve got to be able to communicate in life; it’s enormously important. Schools, to some extent, underemphasize that. If you can’t communicate & talk to other people & get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.”

YESSSS, so much yeeeeeeesssss!

I’ve lost count of how many people reach out to my practice for public speaking help. I built the practice with the intention of helping all performers but in the last few years I’ve gotten so busy, I niched down to only taking on athletes in 1:1 sessions.

However, I do workshops/presentations to companies & teams on topics like this. The thing is, they *ALL* tell me we don’t learn this stuff in school & it’s critical in sales, applying for jobs, getting into schools (undergrad, grad, medical), & connecting with the customer.

What is “THIS STUFF”?

It’s the mental preparation side.

Mental skills training isn’t just for athletes.

Like Warren Buffet said, you need to learn to communicate & get across your ideas or you give up your potential!

Mental skills training is learning:

  • how to use your body to display confidence
  • being able to channel those nerves
  • how to have authority & more presence
  • how to make decisions quicker
  • how to prioritize tasks & balance stress
  • how to reset & refocus when you’ve been criticized
  • what to pay attention to so you can relax & be yourself

Mental skills coaching is really learning how to trust your training so that you can stop worrying about what others think & achieve your goals without letting fear hold your back. 

Obviously, I’m kind of passionate about how many of us can benefit from mental performance coaching. It’s not just going to help you perform better in your sport, it’s a life skill that can open doors for you. 🚪

Stop & think a sec, how could you or your kid benefit from being a better communicator? 🤔

Billionaire Warren Buffet says there is one skill that will boost your professional value by 50% – it’s a skill that will change your life & fuel your success….

That skill is public speaking 🎤

Public speaking is a skill that you can learn & sharpen into a competitive advantage.

It’s not necessarily getting on stages either…

It’s being a powerful influence in the dugout, it’s becoming a captain, it’s getting your team to listen to your advice, it’s standing out in an interview, it’s having the ability to raise your hand in a meeting or class, it’s communicating your ideas to have an impact!

Communication skills are in high demand, but yet low supply 📉

The tools we use to communicate have changed, the human brain has not. Let us teach you the tools we’ve found to be EPIC in changing how you perform.

Grab an appointment with one of Maximize the Mind’s coaches or get in on one of our latest workshops to lower nerves & anxiety around being vocal!

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