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Top 3 Mistakes Athletes Make in Visualization

We often underestimate how powerful visualization is.

There are TOP 3 MISTAKES I see athletes make in visualizing or trying out imagery which then causes them to “write it off” & think it doesn’t work. Athletes often come in my office & say they don’t believe in visualization because they can only picture messing up or what can go wrong. A lot of this is due to these common mistakes.

Here are the top mistakes athletes make (that make them think visualization doesn’t work):

1. They don’t visualize enough

They tend to rehearse an event 4-5x when the minimal amount of imagery you want to complete to reprogram you brain’s buy in is 15x.

2. They don’t incorporate all their senses to make it real

They tend to “see it” but to truly paint a vivid enough picture, you want to experience the event & tap into all your senses, so it comes to life in the brain.

3.They typically only see themselves winning or completing a task

We want to mentally rehearse the stressful parts of competition – experience yourself overcoming the tough pieces to train your brain that you can survive what you fear & “demonstrate” it is possible.

The brain craves multisensory experiences. When you’re exposed to a multisensory environment, you’re ALWAYS more likely to believe it.

If a person imagines how something feels, tastes, sounds, & smells, in addition to seeing it happen, it triggers the same areas of the brain as if you actually experienced this.

Neuroscientists have found that the visual cortex of the brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real or imagined.

So, if you can mentally rehearse & experience what you want to accomplish, the brain is activated as if you were actually doing it.🤯

People remember information more powerfully when more than one sense is stimulated.

Simplify the message when you visualize what you want to happen: think what’s the best that could happen. What do I want to happen right now? 

No need to be fake or unrealistic. Just try: what are you aiming for?

Everyone is capable of this so you *really believe it*

Try these 3 adjustments in your visualization to change what you believe is possible for you.

Asking yourself: “What’s the best that could happen” is more powerful than most realize! It’s very typical to think: what could go wrong & we overthink worst case scenarios instead of what we want to happen ⬇️

Your brain craves instructions, let’s feed it what it wants to achieve to improve our probability!

If you want to learn how to use visualization, imagery, & mental rehearsal to get the results you’re after, you’ll want to sign up for our challenge, where we go more in depth about what makes visualization really effective. We also teach this scientifically proven method to our 1:1 clients, you can book here & in our group training program – Mental Game Accelerator.

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