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Why Teaching Kids to Fail Leads to Winning

Embrace failure in sports.

Hi everyone, it’s Christa! I wanted to drop in and share something that I’ve been teaching and reframing lately with many of my athletes. Many of them have been experiencing the theme of  anxiety and fear surrounding failure. 

In the world of sports, victory is celebrated, and failure is often shunned.

But what if I told you that failure is an essential part of success in sports? 

As parents and coaches, it’s crucial to reframe the narrative around failure!

Rather than shielding children from mistakes, we should teach them to embrace failure as a means to excel in their athletic endeavors

Teach kids to fail in sports so that they become stronger, more resilient, problem solving humans later on.

Resilience on the Field

Losing a game, missing a shot, or making an error is inevitable. However, it’s not the failure itself but the ability to BOUNCE BACK from it that defines a great athlete

Teaching kids to fail in sports cultivates resilience, teaching them to face defeat and use it as a motivator to improve and come back stronger.

Learning Through Defeat

There’s a lesson in every defeat. Each missed goal, every lost match, and all mistakes on the field offer a chance for self-reflection and growth

By allowing kids to make mistakes in their athletic pursuits, they learn valuable lessons about perseverance, strategy, and determination. It’s these lessons that often stick with them and drive their future success.

Confidence and Mental Toughness

Failure in sports is an opportunity to build mental toughness! When a child fails and is encouraged to persevere, they learn that their value is not tied to their performance but to their willingness to keep trying. 

Overcoming setbacks in sports builds confidence, not just in their athletic abilities but in their capacity to face challenges in other areas of their lives.

Encouraging Innovation and Adaptability

Did you know athletes who fear failure are less likely to take risks or try new techniques?! 

Allowing kids to mess up in sports (teaching them how to fail) fosters a mentality of experimentation and innovation.

It encourages them to try new tactics, refine their skills, and adapt to different situations on the field, ultimately making them more versatile and agile players.

Life Skills on and off the Field

The skills learned through failing in sports extend far beyond the playing field. Coping with defeat and using it as a catalyst for improvement prepares children for the realities they will face in their personal and professional lives. 

They learn to manage stress, accept feedback, and work collaboratively, all crucial life skills. 

Failure is not the end of the game; rather, it’s an opportunity to reset, learn, and come back stronger. As parents and coaches, our guidance in reframing failure as a part of the journey to success is key to nurturing athletes who thrive, both on and off the field.

We equip them with the tools to become not just better athletes, but more resilient and adaptable individuals. Let’s not run from failure, but embrace and learn from it!!

If you want your athlete to learn tools and strategies to cope with setbacks, book a session with one of us, sign up for the next workshop, or get in our Mental Game Accelerator program.

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